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Art by Amanda Blix

Art by Amanda Blix

Children of Medusa is a collection of poems and stories by Rhea Wolf, exploring the history of violence, mythological lineage and the struggles of parenting in the modern world.

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The Light That Changes: The Moon in Astrology, Stories, and Time

Portland astrologer and writer Rhea Wolf brings the Moon down to Earth, writing this practical guide for increasing self-awareness and nourish­ing the roots of the soul. This resource can be used both as a workbook and as a reference for understanding the language of the Moon in astrology. Whether you are new to astrology or continuing in your pro­fessional practice, you will find fresh insights and tools for working with Lunar Energy. With candor and compassion, astrologer Rhea Wolf investigates the mythic meaning of the Moon in various stories and folktales. She provides guidance for aligning with the Moon’s rhythmic journey from New to Full each month. And she offers inspiring exercises for personal exploration of the themes of the Moon in the Natal Chart.

Creating a more loving, just and peaceful planet happens as each being deepens their understanding of the authentic self. Learning about the Moon can help us nurture ourselves, relate to others in healthy ways and activate our inner resources in order to flow with the changes of life.

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Available as e-book and paperback.

Which is Witch

a zine about modern witchcraft, ancient roots and the art of culture-making

by Rhea Wolf and Amanda Blix

ISSUE ONE: Initiate    

ISSUE TWO: Celebrate

ISSUE THREE: Remember  


The imagination is your most important tool.

Soon, Which is Witch will be available for free digital download!

ISSUE TWO: CELEBRATE. words and illustrations by Amanda Blix, Rhea Wolf, Stella the Good Witch, Miel Rose, Jaysen Paulson, Holly O'Brien, Beth Owl's Daughter.

ISSUE TWO: CELEBRATE. words and illustrations by Amanda Blix, Rhea Wolf, Stella the Good Witch, Miel Rose, Jaysen Paulson, Holly O'Brien, Beth Owl's Daughter.


Digital Downloads

For those of you who do not live in Portland or prefer to learn in the comfort of your own home, check out these MP3's of Rhea's talks, available for download from the Portland School of Astrology.

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Rhea Wolf & Pomegranate Doyle: Astrology of 2018

Transits of Uranus - Awaken the Inner Genius MP3

Gender in Astrology-Re - Envisioning Our Language for a Gender-Queer Future

Jupiter - The Multi-Faceted Planet

Working with the Moon for Personal Empowerment


Educational Opportunities

If you are interested in furthering your study of astrology for personal or community use, I can help you rise to the next level of mastery. Often a student can clearly see the patterns in a natal chart, but has difficulty translating it to another person. In hour-long blocks of time, we will get together and speak astrology. As you progress in your studies, we can also explore more advanced techniques and theories of astrological inquiry. Contact me to find out more about these educational opportunities. Students of the Portland School of Astrology can hire me for extra tutoring for $40/hr. For all others, the rate is $75/hour. I take only a limited number of tutoring students.

Rhea Wolf: 503-234-8996


Portland School of Astrology

You can also find out more about classes and year-long programs by clicking the image below. I am on the current faculty at the Portland School of Astrology, along with Jaysen Paulson, Andrea Gehrz, Aubrie De Clerck and more! Public classes, online lectures, and resources.

Ritual Making

Wedding ceremony, 2013

Wedding ceremony, 2013

I am a trained priestess and ordained minister, available to help you craft ceremonies, celebrations and rituals for the important moments in your life:

  • Planning your wedding or hand-fasting
  • Preparing to give birth
  • Baby blessings
  • Celebrating the cycles of a woman's life (menstruation and menopause)
  • Memorials for loved ones
  • Life Transitions
  • Personal accomplishments
  • Intention-setting

In our meetings, we will co-create the perfect, individualized ritual or ceremony for you and your loved ones. Prices and process varies from person to person, depending on planning time and ritual being performed. Contact me for more information.

Phone: 503-234-8996


Astrology Readings

A reading can help you navigate changes in your life and make sense of patterns you experience. A one-hour consultation with Rhea will give you insight into what makes you tick, and provide you with guidance so that you can make decisions that empower you. People come with specific questions or with a desire for a general check-in through the natal chart. Transits will also be discussed. Each session is recorded so you can listen to it again for greater clarity. All sessions are $130 and include a copy of your natal chart.

Rhea is currently not seeing clients. Please check out my recommendations of other great astrologer.