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Rhea Wolf is a queer feminist writerly witch mama astrologer who didn’t wait for a tornado to take her away from Kansas. She loves the rain, laughing too loud, supporting people in their creativity, her two daughters, and being intense. She’s written some things about language and metaphor, racism in pagan circles, motherhood and addiction, the politics of witchcraft, and the astrological Moon. She currently teaches at the Portland School of Astrology on the land of the Chinook and Kalapuya peoples. Rhea is motivated by a vision of an emerging culture based on respect, beauty, justice, and relatedness. She has struggled and lived with chronic major depression, anxiety, addictions, and PTSD throughout her life - and she shares this publicly so that others who live with these issues know they are not alone.

Rhea Wolf has been a workshop facilitator for over twenty years, bringing creative writing, theater arts and The Work that Reconnects to a variety of groups, including at-risk youth and women in prison. After her Saturn Return, she began her journey as a practicing astrologer. Rhea has worked as the Program Coordinator for Write Around Portland and was a performing artist and teacher with Sowelu Ensemble Theater. Rhea has a BFA in Theater Performance from Wichita State University. In addition, she has studied theater and deep ecology at the Naropa Institute, and trained extensively with world-renowned author Joanna Macy. After 4½ years of intensive study, she graduated from the Blue Iris Mystery School in 2009. In the summer of 2017, Rhea completed her Interdisciplinary Master of Arts from Marylhurst University in Spiritual Traditions, writing about the intersections of race, gender, and spirituality. She has facilitated the Pagan Gathering Group at Coffee Creek Correctional Facility, a minimum and medium security women’s prison, for the past seven years.

Rhea is the author of The Light That Changes: The Moon in Astrology, Stories and Time; Children of Medusa; and Which is Witch. Her articles have appeared in publications such as The Mountain Astrologer, hipMama, MUTHA, Arq Press, Perspectives and VoiceCatcher. In the last ten years, Rhea has also offered workshops on astrology, spirituality, and witchcraft to groups large and small throughout the Pacific Northwest. Rhea currently teaches at the Portland School of Astrology in Portland, Ore.

Rhea’s passion for astrology began in childhood when she was given an impromptu tutorial of the zodiac by her hippie teen-aged babysitter. She remembers feeling a sense of wonder and also familiarity. Since then, she's devoured countless books on astrology and has received training and guidance from astrologers such as Demetra George, Emily Trinkaus and Caroline Casey. Rhea brings her love of the Earth, the spirit of wonder, and her desire to deepen relationships to all that she does. She enjoys helping people find ways to claim more beauty and magic in their daily lives.

Rhea is the mother of two daughters. She is a Leo Sun-Mercury, Leo Rising, and has a Moon-Mars conjunction in Taurus. She's not stubborn or opinionated at all. (Okay, that was sarcasm. I really am stubborn and opinionated. But I'm also very friendly.) You may contact Rhea here.