Experiential Astrology

I have a gift for helping people embody and understand their own charts, so that they leave with a way to access their natal charts without me. The standard reading -  sitting with an astrologer who decodes the symbols to help you understand yourself – is invaluable. But that's not what I do. I can recommend some amazing people who will do that for you. What you will get with me is a highly original, organic, creative process of collaboration centered on increasing your understanding of Self and your connection to magic and the cosmos.

To get a reading with me, you will be invited to co-create your chart with symbols and words that have meaning for you. In our two-hour session, we will draw from your life experiences and the symbols you already have access to, without you having to learn the symbols of astrology.

We will use colored pencils, pens and images to create a work of art together that will guide you for years to come. I’ll still be telling you things, asking questions, weaving in stories to support you with transits and natal chart patterns. But we will also be making something together. You’ll leave with an original piece of art that embodies your chart for YOU, along with a natal chart I've drawn for you, and digital recording of our session.

I want astrology to be accessible to everyone. I want you to be able to leave the reading with a tool that makes sense to you, a tool that you can use for further reflection without me in the room decoding things for you. If you schedule a reading with me, come with the expectation of participation. I will not talk at you for two hours. We will engage in a creative, dynamic process together.

If this sounds interesting to you, please schedule a session with me. If not, please go to one of these excellent astrologers, each of whom I HIGHLY recommend to give you an amazing reading. They are not your average astrologers, and each have specific gifts they bring to the art of astrology.

If you are a Black, Indigenous, a Person of Color, or Transgender, I offer one free session each month to make sure this format is financially accessible for everyone. For this reason, I do not offer a sliding scale. Instead, I rely on people paying the full fee for a session so that I can offer free sessions to others. Please email me to make arrangements. rheawolfastrology@gmail.com

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Experiential astrology Reading:

An in-depth look at your birth chart - the patterns, power, and purpose that makes you who you are. $225 for 120-minutes. You'll leave with an original co-created work of art, a hand-drawn natal chart, and a digital recording of your session. Session will include both natal chart and transit information.

Child + Parent Reading:

120-minute reading, two charts. This reading is for the caregivers of small children (under 12) who want to learn more about who they are as parents. Taking a look at the child's chart can help us see more of what they need to feel loved and supported. I am mindful not to label the child, but to point out patterns and possibilities for consideration as you help them grow. Reading is for one parent and one child. Priced at $250. You will leave with hand-drawn charts and a digital recording of your session. (Price given is for 2 charts. $30 for each additional chart.)

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