Spring Equinox: Ostara

March 19-20, 2016

The Spring Equinox is a celebration that occurs when the day and night are of equal length. It is a time signifying renewal, balance and rebirth. Known as Eostar in pagan circles, the name comes to us from a Germanic Goddess of spring and fertility. The symbols of this holiday are seeds, eggs, and magical rabbits. Sound familiar?

During this time of year, we consider new projects and feel the pull to take action in our lives. We may feel invigorated by the returning light, calling us out of the deep introspection of Winter. At this point of balance between light and darkness, we are also challenged to understand the Mystery of birth, death and rebirth. This sacred cycle is told again and again in myths and stories depicting the underworld journey of the Goddess and her return to the land of the living with the Spring. 

As we prepare our gardens and our lives for this new life, we can mark this time on the wheel by carefully considering exactly what seeds we’d like to nourish in the year ahead. Ask yourself what skills and gifts you’d like to offer in the coming year. What new life do you hope to see blossom in the coming months? To move forward with clarity, we often have to look behind us first. See what questions and insights have been with you through the winter. Habitual thinking or negative attitudes toward ourselves may hamper our progress. Use this time to shed these obstacles so that you may welcome new energy into your life. You may try a bit of mirror magic to aid in this:

A Spring Equinox Ritual
•    Gather a mirror, a bowl of saltwater, a small cloth, and a journal and pen. Set yourself up in a space where you are comfortable and won’t be disturbed for a while. You might want to do this spell on the bedroom or bathroom mirror that you normally use every day.
•    Take some deep breaths. Consider the area of life in which you’d like to see new growth, claim a skill, or start a project. You may want to take a moment to jot this intention down in your journal.
•    Now look into the mirror and ask your reflection what holds you back from claiming this power or feeding this desire. In your mind’s eye, you may see obstacles, hear criticizing voices, or relive perceived failures from your past. Remember to keep breathing. These obstacles may feel true, but they are only one version of reality. If you like, take some time to journal about this.  
•    Now is the time to take your saltwater and cloth. Look into the bowl of salt water and state your intention to be free from these obstacles. Imagine what this freedom looks like to you and take the mirror in your hands. Dip the cloth in the saltwater and begin cleaning off the mirror as you hold this image of power in your imagination.
•    When you are finished cleaning the mirror, take a moment to create a phrase or a word that can remind you of this freedom and power. Make it personal. “I am a capable teacher,” or “I see myself, Lisa Lovely, in peaceful and nurturing relationships,” or simply “powerful healer and poet.”  
•    Look into the mirror again and say your power phrase. See yourself successfully offering your gifts to the community or beginning on a new path. Remind yourself of this image and phrase whenever you pass by or look into this mirror. You can write out the affirmation and tape it to the mirror as well.