The Eclipse Cycle: How to walk in the dark

Solar Eclipse & New Moon in Virgo on September 12 Simplify your Life

Virgo is the sign of the Virgin and symbolizes sovereignty. To be sovereign means that one is accorded one's rightful status, independence or prerogative. Through Virgo we are able to discover our birthright, fully embodying the person we came here to be.

Virgo helps us get clear about what we really need and what’s outlived its purpose. With its discerning, judging mind, Virgo cuts away the threads of distraction to make order out of chaos.

Use this New Moon to call in the energy of simplicity, to create living conditions and work spaces that are in touch with your personal preferences and inner needs. Virgo is the sign of the Servant and Priestess, which means using our talents and skills to serve others in meaningful ways.

The New Moon in Virgo can help us set intentions in the areas of health and nutrition. Perhaps we aren’t recognizing what our bodies need to stay fit and can use this time to ask for support from healthcare providers. Virgo Moons like helping us create rituals that bring the sacred into the every day. How one bathes, cooks, eats and other daily necessities can be a source of inspiration and connection if they are imbued with meaning. 

Take some time to think about your own skills and abilities. Paring down your focus to just one or two can help you see with greater clarity the tools you are here to utilize in service to others.

As the sky grows dark with the New Moon energy, ask yourself if there are areas of your life that feel too cluttered or are lacking in focus. Does your inner perfectionist stop you from doing things that you love? How do you serve others?

Specific intentions for this New Moon can focus on areas ruled by Virgo, such as:

  • Finding the right job or creating healthy work habits
  • Invoking the spirit of discernment in order to make clear decisions
  • Releasing the need to be perfect
  • Letting go of tendencies to worry, criticize or judge self/others
  • Reducing clutter and inviting more order and efficiency into your life
  • Focusing on the body-mind connection, through yoga or other physical-spiritual practices
  • Freeing yourself from the habit of overworking or overextending yourself
  • Learning more about health, healing and nutrition
  • Spending time alone
  • Cultivating humility, grounded-ness and acceptance of what is
  • Making order out of chaos
  • Healing for digestive system, especially the intestines