General Guidelines for Eclipses

Full Moon, Lunar Eclipse at 15 degrees Leo-Aquarius, August 7

New Moon, Solar Eclipse at 28 degrees Leo, August 21

Eclipses through the Houses

In order to maximize the eclipse potential, take a look at which houses in your Natal Chart will be hosting the current eclipses in the Leo-Aquarius sign polarity. Houses are the areas of experience where we meet certain energy. Most likely you will have the eclipses occur in opposing houses, but this is not always the case depending on which house system is used.

So to see which themes the eclipses will stir up, find out in which signs the eclipses are currently happening. Next, look at your chart to see where these signs are located. Once you identify the houses that are being activated by the eclipses, you can read the descriptions below to discover which themes are accented. Any natal planets in close contact with the eclipses can indicate that big changes are afoot.

The houses are similar to the signs in that they hold opposing energies that are linked by some core truth. For example, the First House is about the Self and the house opposing it is the Seventh House, the house of Partnership. This gives us the theme of relationship – our relationship with ourselves and the identity we put forth versus our relationships with others. Below, I have highlighted some themes associated with each pair of opposing Houses, beginning with the First House, opposed by the Seventh House, and going around to the Sixth House–Twelfth House polarity.

Eclipses in the 1-7 Axis: Authenticity.

Themes: Self and Other; personality and appearance; your identity and outlook on life; marriage and divorce; business partners; close friends and open enemies; personal needs vs. other people's needs.

Questions: How do I present myself to others? Does my appearance match my inner self? What would I like to change about myself? What kind of relationships am I attracting? Do I sacrifice my own needs for the sake of others? Do I expect my partners to cave to my demands? What do I want/need in a committed relationship?

Eclipses in the 2-8 Axis: Being-ness.

Themes: Material possessions and security; personal income and self-value; shared income and investments; sexuality and the physical body; death and inheritance; initiation and magic.

Questions: What are my talents, skills and personal resources? How do I value myself? Am I taking care of myself financially? Do I rely on others for a sense of security? Are there hidden fears keeping me frozen? How do I relate to my sexuality? What is my relationship to death?

Eclipses in the 3-9 Axis: Exploration.

Themes: Your immediate surroundings; intellectual interests and higher education; communication, including publishing; perception and meaning; siblings and neighbors; foreign travel; your philosophy, religion or world view.

Questions: Am I over- or under-stimulated? What activities or interests help feed my mind and broaden my horizons? Are there old philosophies – the way I make sense of the world – that are ready to be evaluated and possibly changed? What is foreign, new, or unusual to me? Do I want to begin a course of study, do some traveling or learn a new skill?

Eclipses in the 4-10 Axis: Responsibility.

Themes: Home and family, including roots and ancestry; emotional core; your career; the private self and the public self; long-range goals and ambitions; authority figures; achievement.

Questions: How do I balance the personal and the professional in my life? Which one gets more attention? Are there more responsibilities I am being asked to take on at work or in the home? What do I want to achieve professionally? What unresolved family issues are ready to be addressed? How do I feel?

Eclipses in the 5-11 Axis: Social Awareness.*

Themes: Self-expression and creativity; children; the beginning of love affairs and romance; your larger social circle, friends, organizations and groups; humanitarian goals; ideals in action.

Questions: What is my relationship with my creativity? Am I ready for new romance, either in a current relationship or new encounter? Do the people I associate with share common goals and aspirations? How do I parent my children or tend to my creative projects? What is the legacy I want to leave for future generations?

Eclipses in the 6-12 Axis: Enlightened Service.*

Themes: Daily work and service; health, nutrition and the body; pets and small animals; the collective unconscious,
dreams and mystical longing; karmic or past life events; solitude and spiritual service.

Questions: Am I ready to begin a new spiritual practice or re-commit to my current spiritual path? What are my dreams trying to tell me? How can I release patterns of suffering, including feelings of victimization, struggles with addictions, or detachment? What is the connection between my physical health and my emotional-spiritual health? How am I being called to serve others? How can daily rituals such as eating, sleeping and bathing bring me spiritual as well as physical nourishment? What part of my body needs healing?

*Credit for the phrases “Social Awareness” and “Enlightened Service” to describe the 5-11 axis and 6-12 axis respectively goes to astrologer Moses Siregar III. All of his descriptions for the houses can be found at his website: