Lammas: The First Harvest

Lammas – August 1-2

The holy day of Lammas is celebrated as a festival of the harvest in many Earth-based spiritual traditions. It is a time to recognize the waning light of the Sun, giving thanks for its life-giving rays and preparing for the dark days to come. Sometimes sacrifices or offerings would be made to ensure a plentiful harvest would continue. Baking and consuming bread in the form of the Grain God symbolized how the Earth nourishes us and how death - the cutting of the grain - is instrumental to the continuation of life.

To honor the spirit of Lammas, we celebrate the ways we still live in community and support each other. We acknowledge that it takes everyone’s effort and gifts to ensure our collective survival through the less plentiful winter months. We may preserve food and make crafts at this time of year as part of the preparation for winter.  This is the perfect time to share food with others, so have a barbeque or bonfire and gather with friends. You can even create a simple ceremony by feeding each other bread and offering a blessing such as “May you never go hungry.” Contemplate what you have harvested this year in your own life and take time to consider any ideas, patterns, or sorrows that you’d like to release into the fires of Lammas.