Beltane: The Green Gate

Beltane is a celebration of sacred unions filling our souls with abundance and the generous fertility of the land. We can mark this point on the wheel by stepping fully through the gate from the dark half into the light half of the year, which is moving from our inner-exploration to outer action. Take a closer look at your relationship with your body, connect with what you desire, and let yourself sink into your senses. This time of year can activate your sexuality and bring the energy of abundance and prosperity into your life. 

A Beltane Ritual

  • Consider an area of your life that you would like to fill with the energy of vitality, life-force and creativity. Such an area could be a relationship, your work/career, having children, or a specific project you’d like to begin.
  • Set a clear intention, such as “to bring more vitality and creativity to my relationship with X” or “to step fully into my power as a writer and let go of self-defeating tendencies that keep me from that power”.
  • Build an altar with this intention, intuitively choosing objects that seem to resonate with your intention and vision. You can also use old magazines to make a collage with this intention. The idea is to create a physical representation of your desires. You may want to journal about this vision or write about the objects that you chose. Or you may just take the time to sit with the energy of your altar or collage. Giving voice to your desires is a powerful way to work with the spirit of Beltane, so singing, playing music or simply speaking your intentions will give them more power.
  • Make offerings of plants, food, or incense to your spirit-helpers.

For the next few days or weeks, take time every day to visit your altar or collage. As you sit with it, let yourself imagine a channel of energy flowing back and forth between you and it. Imagine that you are feeding your vision what it needs to grow, much like watering and tending a seedling. Imagine it in turn feeding you with the energy you need to manifest your vision. Listen for what it needs from you. Take small steps in your outer life toward this vision, and be sure to celebrate your successes –whether they be small or large in scope.