Rhea Wolf spells out her take on astrology and magic to nourish the revolution. Let's make beauty and tell the truth to transform the worlds inside of you and the worlds around us.


tap into the tool of Astrology to face our changing world

We are alive in a harrowing time and an inspiring time. There are no maps for where we have to go. Before us is an opportunity to build a culture of beauty, justice, and collective well-being. But we could just as easily continue on into the deep dangers and violent destruction that threatens all life on Earth.

But we have tools to help us: Myth and magic, symbols and stories. And we have our own skills, brains, talents and ideas to offer. It's just a matter of claiming them and using them to our highest potential.

Astrology can uncover our gifts, our strengths, our creativity, and our passion. It can help us define goals and clarify our values. It is not a religion or a science, but a tool that points to possibilities. 

Whatever you are facing in your life, Astrology can help you find solutions that move you into your power. When you feel in right relationship to your work, your family, your body, and your lifestyle, you help the rest of us awaken to that possibility and feed the energy of change.

This site has blog posts, access to recordings and other resources to help you connect to the changes you need. I'm so glad you're here with me. May you be filled with insight into your heart's desire and the true beauty you are here to weave into our world. May all beings be free.