Listening to Voices from the Edge

"Standin' on a corner in Winslow Arizona /And I'm quite sure I'm in the wrong song…"
Tori Amos, “In the Springtime of His Voodoo”

Mercury is officially retrograde. But so is Mars, Saturn, Jupiter, and Pluto. If confusion, disconnection, and discord are the main ingredients in your world, then you too may be in the wrong song. The good news is that it’s a time for a re-write.

What lyrics are trapping you in their rhythmic sway? We're all recovering from something - hard relationships, addictions, body issues, lack of meaning, grief, cultural lies. This would be a good few weeks to put HEALING from this damage on the top of the To-Do list.

Your body, your voice, and your connection to the Earth are major themes of Mercury in Taurus. Along with Mercury and Venus, the New Moon on May 6 also lands in the peaceful, stubborn, grounded Taurus. Forming a Grand Earth Trine with Pluto in Capricorn and Jupiter in Virgo, this month’s astrological weather invites us deeper into the earthly realms. Take a look at what it means to embody Earth.

Earth Keywords: Receptive, patient, enduring, sensing, sensual, practical, rigid, disciplined, structured, pragmatic, physical, material, resourceful, grounded, motivated, goal-oriented, perseverant, possessive, resistant, fertile, meticulous, efficient, methodical, integrity.

Use these words to help guide you as you re-examine the themes of our retrograde planets. Could you use some more or less earthiness in these areas?
•    How do you use power? How do you see power used around you?
•    What do you desire and how do you go about getting what you want?
•    What are the things that it is easy for you to communicate about? What topics are difficult for you to communicate? Is there someone or something that you’ve been avoiding?
•    What kind of information do you seek out from the world?
•    How do you define wealth?
•    What do you believe to be true? Is that belief unassailable? Are there places that you will not compromise, no matter what?
•    What beliefs are challenging or uncomfortable for you?

Mars and Saturn, both retrograde in Sagittarius, will be telling a story about burning down dogma and relinquishing control over who tells the story in the first place. This is maybe why I had such a hard time writing the forecast this month; I wanted other voices to tell the story, voices that have been historically ignored and suppressed - black voices, trans voices, women’s voices, working class voices, indigenous voices. The next two months of astrological currents pushes us to sit down and listen to other stories.

All of us, subconsciously or consciously, pledge allegiance to a particular story of how the world works. I think readers of my forecasts are probably pretty invested in breaking down the old models based on oppression, hierarchy, and domination. Yet the pressure is on to do more, to peel back the edges of history and see exactly what is at the roots of our society. Slavery, racism, sexism, exploitation, violence. Liberty and freedom, those values touted as pillars of democracy, have never been accessible to everyone – nor were they meant to be. The gains that have been made for the rights of people of color, the poor, women, and protection of the Earth, have been fought for relentlessly, tirelessly.

We must continue to bring awareness to our vulnerable places (both personally and collectively) and express the emotions that come up before they set us on a crash-course with unsavory fate. Let’s choose the savory or sweet fate instead – the one where you reclaim what a powerful creature you are, born of Earth and Heaven, star and darkness, ready to unleash beauty in only the way you can.

We have lost many giants and visionaries in 2016 already. In the past two weeks alone, Prince, Afeni Shakur, and Father Daniel Berrigan have passed beyond this life. The impact they had on our world is immeasurable. But they are not really lost. They are ancestors who will continue to help us fight for a future of justice and peace. None of us are really alone, no matter how much the dominant culture wants us to believe we are. We are never alone. Separation from one another is a lie.

But in order to truly share in our connections, we have to be willing to break free of our illusions, which is uncomfortable and scary. Sagittarius’ shadow wants there to be a truth with a capital T, once and for all. But there is no ultimate truth like that. The shiny-side Sagittarian expression encourages us to “be true to yourself,” which actually requires frequent questioning and transformation. Keep searching. Keep going to your edges.

In this spirit, I encourage you to watch or re-watch Beyonce’s music-movie Lemonade. Look for the story that goes beyond the pain of a marital conflict. Write to me about what you see.