These beautiful and difficult fires

As we approach the Lunar Eclipse-Full Moon in Aries on September 27, it feels like we are surrounded by flames. A quick view of the events in the past month shows us example after example of this intensity. Although many of the wildfires throughout the Western US are being contained, almost 9 million acres have already burned this year. Women in the US are putting out the fires of ignorance by standing up for yet another attack on Planned Parenthood, abortion rights, and reproductive health. Many are bravely telling their stories of abortion in order to dispel the shame and secrecy which often surrounds this issue (#ShoutYourAbortion). The refugee crisis in Europe continues to escalate, as hundreds of thousands of humans flee war in Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan. In Greece, police actually tried to disperse migrants by spraying fire extinguishers at the crowds. Viola Davis’ acceptance speech at the Emmys ignited fires of joy as well as controversy, as she directly addressed the lack of diversity in television in her inspiring, beautiful speech (watch her speech).

We are enveloped by fire in the astrological weather as well, with the fire signs of Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius playing big parts in the current cosmic patterns. The next few weeks present us with opportunities disguised as challenges, and challenges moonlighting as opportunities.  To get in the flow this month, it’s time to step into the flames.

Fire is creative and destructive. Fire is necessary for some plants to germinate. Fire keeps us warm, comforts us, and provides fuel for cooking food. Fire also burns down, explodes, and consumes.

Which kind of fire do you need to access right now? Below is a menu of exercises, questions, and other resources to help you find the way to work with fire in your life.

Fire Chant

Power of love and rage awake!

Power to bind and power to break

Power of death and power of birth

Power to heal the living earth.

What does this chant mean to you?

The element of fire in our bodies and around us:

In our bodies, we are fire. Fires of desire and sexuality. Fire exists in the movement of our bodies as we dance, the heat of muscles flexing, stretching, reaching, tensing. Fire lives too in our consciousness – the firing of neurons, the flash of inspiration, the ignition of awareness. And fire burns in all the processes that change one thing into another.

We feel the Fires in the power of flames, the rays of the Sun, in lightning and lava, in hot stones and desert landscapes; we see fire in volcanoes erupting, steam rising, rainbows emerging, in the spinning stars above.

Through fire, we can find our willingness to connect with Spirit.

We can awaken our passions and desires.

We can summon our will and energy to create.

We can face the power within us to heal or harm, to create or destroy.

We walk through the gates of transformation into our new lives.

Journaling questions for fire:

  • List all the different kinds of fire you can think of. What is your favorite kind? Why?
  • How does desire come through you? When you notice a desire to do something, do you immediately leap into action? Do you wait to act? Do you ignore your desires?
  • What is your relationship to your sexuality? How do you like to give or receive pleasure?
  • How do you feel about expressing anger, rage, injustice? Anger is a sign of boundaries being crossed. What is your anger telling you?
  • What are the things that make you feel passionate and alive?
  • How do you deal with change in your life?
  • Do you have a relationship with Spirit, with the Divine? What form does it take?