Crafting the New World: Your Spring 2015 Forecast

Our cosmic weather forecast for the next few months is mixed. While we ride tumultuous waves to a shore that we hope is peaceful, there may be some bumpy landings. And yet this is the perfect time to integrate the painful and profound lessons of the past four years. How do we integrate things? There are so many ways: therapy, walking, journaling, roller derby – and the good ol’ creative process.

For the first half of 2015, let the creative cat out of the bag. As the Great Goddess says “All acts of love and pleasure are my rituals.” Doing things out of love and pleasure always seems like a good idea, doesn’t it? Far from condoning hedonism (which certainly can be a valid lifestyle choice) this incantation actually encourages us to turn our gaze inward and ask, “What do I love? How do I live that love? What brings me pleasure?”

You can reflect on those questions while you engage in some fun craft projects like the ones below, based on the approaching astrological omens. Enjoy!

Make a crown: A fairy crown, a queen/king crown, a crown of flowers, a crown chakra. Felt works great for crown-making. And glitter glue. The reasons to make a crown are three-fold: to promote our own nobility of soul, to recognize the importance and value of our lives, and to be able to receive a certain amount of adoration when the need arises. Just put on the crown and feel the love. (Astro-reason: The seventh and final Uranus-Pluto exact square in happening on March 16, activating our crown chakras which connect us to the Divine.)

Higher Self Puppet: Do you keep forgetting your calling? Do you need constant reminders of just how you are a brilliant, beautiful, bad-ass? Then perhaps you need a “Higher Self Puppet.” You can make yours from a sock, a paper bag, or popsicle sticks. Make it to represent the part of you that always remembers why you decided to incarnate in the first place. Pull it out anytime you need to be reminded of your purpose, to shower you with encouragement and joy – and maybe to poke a little fun when you’re taking yourself too seriously. (Astro-reason: Saturn in Sagittarius challenges us to remember why we are here and what we’re gonna do about it.)

Box of Fear: In order to get in rhythm with Love, we have to let go of fear. But where would it go? Into our Box of Fear! Use cardboard boxes, jewelry boxes, baskets, and found objects to make yours! Have the whole family decorate one for each member. Use fabric, yarn, pictures, sequins or found objects. Make sure each box is clearly labeled (“Box of Fear!”) so no one accidentally opens it. Whenever a fear comes up, you can write or draw it on some paper and drop it in the box. Is it gone? Not really. But using this box can help us a.) become more aware of our fears, b.) talk to someone else about our fears or worries, and c.) stop holding onto fear so we can move on to having fun. The fear boxes can be emptied once a month on the dark moon – paraded away to some secret location, buried, burned, or made into art. (Astro-reason: This will come in handy when we receive the sting of the scorpion, aka Saturn’s return to Scorpio this summer.)

Belief System Lottery: Tired of your belief system? Feeling dogged by dogma? Curious about how other folks answer the eternal questions? Make this lottery game and discover a new belief system whenever you need it! You’ll need a small cardboard box with a lid and some paper. Cut the paper into small slips and write down various belief systems. Once a day, week, or month you can pull out a new belief system to explore. Do some research on the system. Respectfully or unobtrusively attend any services, meetings, or rituals associated with it. Learn about others by loosening your own codes and standards. Here are some ideas: Hedonism, Friends of Carl Jung, Quantum Physics Consciousness, Existentialism, Abrahamic religions, Greek Stoicism, Astrology, Atheism, Witchcraft, The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, etc. The possibilities are endless! (Astro-reason: Neptune in Pisces says “It’s all One anyway, humans!”)

Vision Board: A vision board can be made on a regular sheet of paper or can take up a whole wall. What is it? A collage of images and words that help remind us of what we’re here for, like love and pleasure for instance. You’ll need old magazines, scissors, glue sticks and paper. Consider what you’d like to see more of in the coming months. Think big and small. Next, flip through the magazines and cut out images and words that pull on you. When you have a nice pile, assemble the bits into a whole. You can keep adding to it all year long. (Astro-reason: All of the above, plus that which is below.)

Dates to remember

Eclipses are always super-intense periods of time. So try to have an open schedule and helpful breathing techniques in place for these dates:

New Moon & Solar Eclipse in Pisces in on March 20.

The Full Moon & Lunar Eclipse in Libra is on April 4.

The next Mercury Retrograde is from May 18-June 11 in the sign of Gemini. This does not have to be a frustrating and scary time – if you can let go of rigid planning schemes, go with the flow, and spend more time in silent contemplation. No problem, right?