Deep Well, Sweet Water

"Deep well, sweet water. May you hear this prayer from your sons and daughters: as you swell, run deeper and sweep our grief away."

This song was taught to me by one of my teachers, but I do not know the source. Singing to the sacred well, to the healing waters, is common for witches and lovers of the Earth. We know the power of water to restore, to flow, to change us, to storm and carry away. This month's Full Moon in Pisces is watery indeed.

I wrote this post in April of 2011 about Chiron in Pisces. The Full Moon in Pisces on September 8th is in a conjunction with Chiron, meaning that the energies are merged. I found myself drawn to the themes highlighted here. I have updated it in places to apply to our current circumstances.

"All beings are other Christs...Christ is the light in all beings. Today’s science teaches that photons or light waves exist in every atom in the universe.  To destroy rain forests or other species is to crucify the Christ all over again." ~ Matthew Fox, Creation Spiritualist

Good Friday, an important holy day in the Christian tradition, coincides with Earth Day this year (2011). In the Christian mythology, Good Friday was the day that the Christ-figure Jesus was crucified, only to transcend death and rise again on Easter. As Neptune and Chiron have moved into Pisces, I’m thinking a lot about these themes of redemption, crucifixion, and the need to liberate ourselves with compassionate wisdom. In a 2004 interview, spiritual activist Andrew Harvey said, “The entire world is now going through a massive crucifixion on all levels.” He proposed that only a figure such as the Black Madonna, who holds the energy of both creation and destruction, both body and soul, could support us in this time of tremendous peril and potential.

As I said, this Full Moon on September 8 is conjunct Chiron – an astronomical body classified as both an asteroid and a comet. The mythic Chiron is a Centaur – both human and horse. The astrological Chiron is a key that reveals both the wound and the cure. This is important symbolic information for our times: things are not one or the other. They are both. Like the Black Madonna, this time holds the capacity to face both the darkness and the light.

In the spring of 2010, when Chiron moved into Pisces, the worst oil spill in American history crucified the Gulf of Mexico. In the spring of 2011, we faced another kind of collective death as the oceans around Japan were degraded with radioactive contamination from nuclear reactors damaged in the tsunami. What are the appropriate responses to such overwhelming catastrophes and how can we stay present in these times?

On September 4, 2014, a US District Judge ruled that BP acted with “gross negligence” in the actions which led up to the Gulf of Mexico oil spill in 2010. This offers some relief, to know that some consequences will be faced by violators, but it does not restore the harm that has been done. And there is still so much more healing needed for all of Earth’s sacred waters. As ocean levels rise and the predictions of climate change worsen, Chiron in Pisces tells us that we must stop denying the power of water. In many esoteric traditions, water is magical and intuitive. Water is regarded as the emotional element, but it also gives us the power to dare. The power of water is unity and oneness. One drop of water can join with others to form a stream, a river, an ocean.

To heal the wounds now gripping our planet - and our own hearts - what is required is that each of us look deep within and reach out simultaneously. So much of our pain – whether personal or collective – comes from holding onto our suffering or denying our suffering. Out of unwillingness, emptiness, or fear, we stifle our hearts and withhold compassion. Either way, damming up our emotions keeps us out of the present moment and trapped in an unreal state. Only by moving through these states of emotion can we begin to see solutions. And we cannot move through these times alone! Like water, we have to join together in our grief, in our joy, in our confusion.

For this Full Moon in Pisces, which holds the energy of healing, unity, and dissolving boundaries, I dare you to see the light that comes from your own heart. This inner-light exists in all things, no matter who or what they are. When you dare to see the light of your own heart, you will not be so afraid of the darkness. And vice versa.

What will bring about our own resurrection? Well, as the Christian story goes: death, doubt, and suffering come first. Maybe. Maybe not. If we manage to stop blocking our feelings and understand the nature of our own darkness, maybe we can step into the light with healing and unity. Please note that it is not so black and white, not light or darkness. It is both. It is all the various shades of gray and blue, yellow and green, that color a living, breathing morality on a living, breathing Earth.

This month, what is one small action you can take that demonstrates to yourself that you are sacred? We are challenged now to find the cure in the wound. If we are lacking in the sacred, then the practice becomes holding yourself as sacred, seeing others around you as sacred, and returning sacredness to its rightful place; not in empty rituals or moral platitudes, but all around us, every day.

To honor Chiron, Neptune, and the Full Moon in Pisces, take time over the next month to connect with the spiritual dimension of life. Some of the areas ruled by Pisces include prayer, meditation, working with dreams, dancing, listening to music, singing or playing music, being in nature, utilizing psychic skills, developing your intuition, tapping into the collective unconscious, death and dying, altered states of consciousness, the completion of cycles, being in water (especially the ocean), reading or writing poetry, any spiritual practice.

Your own mental health will benefit from a regular connection to spirit - whatever form that may take for you. Your well-being will increase every time you reach out to others to share your light - and your fears too. And our planet’s health will benefit from sane, reverent people working to mend the human relationship with the natural world. Sink into these healing waters and experience wholeness.