31 Flavors of Change

Today is the perfect day to consider just how much you have changed in the last two years. In your wildest dreams, did you know you were capable of such courage, strength, and flexibility? Jot down just a few of the ways that the you of today is very different than the you of 2011. It’s pretty astounding, isn’t it?

The foundations are shifting. Seeds are breaking open. Roots are dancing into deeper soil, branches are stretching to catch more light. Who knew there were more kinds of change than flavors of ice cream? How many flavors of change have you tasted so far? Ready for an entirely new one? (This one’s gonna be delicious!)

All winter and spring, we’ve been in the intense cosmic brew of the Cardinal Cross. The Cardinal Cross pattern occurs when there are planets in all the cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn).  The square (900) relationship between Pluto in Capricorn and Uranus in Aries continues, but the two other major players – Mars and Jupiter – will be moving into other signs this month. This will release a wave of energy into new channels in your life.

Mars finally moves into Scorpio on June 25, after its extended eight-month stay and retrograde pass through Libra. Jupiter stays in each sign for about one year and will head to its next destination, Leo, on July 16. Additionally, Saturn in Scorpio will make the switch from retrograde to direct on July 20. Here’s what all of this means.

Saturn retrograde in Scorpio has challenged us to rethink and reform the structures that allow us to experience deep intimacy and transformation. Now it’s time to claim what you have learned over the past 4½ months, such as:

  • Coping with or surrendering to deep transformation
  • Expressing your sexuality and needs for intimacy
  • Dealing with issues of death, dying and loss
  • Letting go of what you no longer need
  • Renewing yourself after big changes        

When you see how much you’ve gained from these experiences, you can begin to manifest what you need in order to retain these experiences as wisdom. Wisdom is quite simply knowledge that has been personally experienced and integrated into one’s life. You can’t get wisdom from books. You have to live it.

As Mars moves into Scorpio, one of its signs of rulership, we may feel a surge of power to release any final vestiges of the old self. The image that comes to me for this transition is from a recent dream, in which the Hindu goddess Kali appears. She speaks to an unseen man in the dream, saying “My love will turn your fears to black cinder and ash,” and she blows her breath of destruction on him. Next she says, “My love is the only thing left, and you will know my love forever,” and she blows her breath of creation on him. With her breath of creation, everything becomes imbued with the force of love. We could say that what needs to be transformed and released through the breath of Kali is that part of us that wants to act and achieve. One of our lessons right now is resourcing our power from within and letting go of external validation of worth.

If your response to this image is “Oh, god! NO!” then you may have a little more letting go to do. If your response to this image is, “Hallelujah! It’s about time, Kali!” then you may already be integrating the big lessons of Saturn in Scorpio and shedding ego attachments to deadening structures. (See which house holds the sign of Scorpio in your natal chart in order to discover where Saturn’s lessons have been happening for you personally.)

At the same time, Jupiter unleashes the vitality and playfulness of Leo and helps us meet life with creativity and nobility. To be “noble” originally meant that one was born into wealth, royalty or a well-known lineage. I would like to revise this definition to include everyone on the planet, because we are all born into a rich heritage as children of the Earth. What marvelous parentage! Daughters and sons of Earth, we have been given a birthright to experience the love, joy and pleasure of being. Nobility also includes a responsibility to lead, to tend and to care for others. Let our year of Jupiter in Leo bring out what is noble in us. As descendants of all who have come before us, let us act like good ancestors and stewards for those who come next.

The best thing to do in the coming year to honor Jupiter in Leo? MAKE ART! Any art will do: collages, drawings, plays, songs, dances, spontaneous happenings, paintings, altars, meals, baskets, garden sculptures, murals, decoupage, fiber arts – anything will do! Make art! It’s fun! We need more art in the world. Art is both the manner and mode in which we do things as well as the fruits we can share with others when we make something beautiful. To make art then means to engage in any activity as playfully, joyfully and lovingly as you can.

Merriam-Webster defines noble as “having, showing, or coming from personal qualities that people admire (such as honesty, generosity, courage, etc.)”. There are qualities which you possess that others admire. Share those strengths. Mythologist Michael Meade says that the essential nature of every human soul is “gifted, noble, and wounded.” Every human soul! So don’t think you aren’t noble. You are. Imagine that. You are noble, so bring forth your gifts and heal the wounds as you create.

One last word about the Full Moon: Protection. If you need to do any home protection, house clearing, self-fortifying or other boundary work, this would be a good time to do it. The Capricorn Full Moon can show us how to build, strengthen and defend what is precious to us. Perhaps you can burn some herbs throughout your house or make some bundles to wear or hang around the yard, to remind you of what is precious to you.

Protection is safeguarding what has value – and I’m not talking about material goods here alone. What moral or spiritual values do you need to protect and honor? Are their personal boundaries that need to be fortified? Assess what needs protection in your life – your time, your projects, your children, your pets, your visions, your relationships. What needs to be shielded from danger? Take a step toward ensuring its safety.