The Most Powerful Magic: Dorks Unite!!

“When we get a glimpse of a destination that inspires us, this helps us access the courage and determination needed to move that way. Even if the vision seems impossibly beyond our reach, like a guiding star in the night, it can still give us a direction to head in.”

~ Chris Johnstone, Active Hope

My teacher, the funny and brilliant Pomegranate Doyle, is often telling her students that, “there is no access to the magical gateway without daring to be dorky.” I repeat this advice again and again whenever I am leading a group, hanging out with my kids, or working on a serious project. It’s an important reminder for the Full Moon in Aquarius on August 10th. In order to engage with the forces of change, we must be willing to look pretty foolish at times.

One way the dominant culture discourages magic is by telling us that it isn’t cool to care. It warns us: if you care, you are just going to end up looking silly, or – even worse – getting hurt. For the magic of Now to come through us most powerfully, we are going to have to shuck off any concern about what others may think of us, and dare to be especially dorky. In other words, dare to care so much about what you are engaged with, that you don’t care if you fail.

The signs of Leo and Aquarius run the energy of creative awareness: Who am I? What do you think about me? What can I make? Will it make a difference? What gifts do I offer to the world? Is this what I’m supposed to be doing? These questions get rolled around incessantly in the minds of Leo & Aquarius folk. Creativity requires vulnerability. You have to care to make something, and these signs have to create in order to understand themselves and their place in the world. This is why Leo-Aquarius people often end up looking pretty dorky. (But sometimes, they look quite regal and impressive as well.)

The magic of this month asks you, “What helps you understand your place in the world?” As an experiment, allow your focus to zoom in for a moment, straight into you, in order to see what is lovely, creative, and truly wonderful about you. Breathe into that. (If you start criticizing and nitpicking, just remind yourself that the purpose is to see the lovely, creative, juicy parts of you.) Now let your focus zoom way out, to take in the big picture, the whole world. There are especially horrific and overwhelming acts happening around the globe right now. But, again as an experiment, take a wide view to see what is lovely, creative, and truly wonderful about the world. (If you can’t come up with anything, make something up! That’s what vision is for.) This is the Leo-Aquarius polarity. At their best, they see the best possible outcomes for both the individual and the collective.

Adding to the intensity of this Full Moon is a square from our friend Saturn in Scorpio. This tug reminds us that we cannot soar to the highest heights without being willing to see the depths. This situation will show us where in our lives our creativity is blocked by judgment. If you think about it, prejudice – one of the ugliest forms of judgment – looks only to the surface of things. Opinions are formed based on appearance and category. Saturn demands that we go deeper, that we look at actual acts and feelings of judgment in our lives, that we explore the sensation of being judged or judging others.

The roots of the word judgment lead to phrases such as: to say what is right, to form an opinion about, and – my personal favorite - to examine from the standpoint of a sacred formula. I don’t know about you, but most “sacred formulas” that I’ve read about pretty much agree that, in essence, We Are One. Have you heard that before? That we are all cut from the same cloth, part of the same whole, so we better love one another?

How are you judged by others and in what ways do you judge them right back? Sit with the judgment for a bit before the Full Moon. See if you can let it go in the intensity of light shining down on you Saturday night. We relinquish our judgment because something new is being born right now that we’ve never encountered before. In a new era of understanding and creative expression, we will have to find new ways to work together. You may not think this is happening only because it sounds totally impossible considering the current circumstances. That’s okay. Just pretend.

As a parent, I am learning something new about conflicts. Rather than focusing on the frustration I feel and seeking to stop the conflict at any cost, I am learning how conflict is one of the most valuable educational tools; it is an opportunity to teach, learn, and grow together. Conflict leads to understanding. (As a dorky example, think of Darth Vader in Return of the Jedi. Luke says, “I can feel the conflict within you.” This is the beginning of Vader’s transformation and when I start crying!)

In the spirit of invoking the “sacred formula of discernment,” here are some more formulas for the Astrology of Now:

You + Your Creativity > Judgmental Bullshit

You + Your Understanding of the World  x  Your Willingness to Appear Dorky = Positive Change

You + Your Ability to See the Bigger Picture = Infinite Possibilities to Learn from Conflict

You + Me + Everyone Else x Each Deeply Heartfelt Moment of Love = WHOA.

The power to hate < All of the Above.

 “Evolving our consciousness is not something we do only for ourselves — it is something we do also for others... for all others, and for the Earth. Because when we open up and let our body and mind feel our ties with others and with nature, we change ourselves, and change others around us."

~ Ervin Laszlo (2003) You Can Change the World: The Global Citizen's Handbook for Living.