Dear Venus

“Our downfall was, it was so beautiful. For us, who had replaced religion, family, society, ethics with Beauty, who saw ourselves as in the service of Beauty, no warnings were understood, no traps anticipated. To go down, in the service of That — that was the ultimate grace.”

~ Diane di Prima, Recollections of My Life as a Woman

Dear Venus,

I want to formally apologize for the past 24 centuries, on behalf of all humanity. It was wrong of us to turn you into a superficial, fickle, jealous, vain, over-sexualized, objectified, heartthrob icon. You are so much more than that. I remember when you were seen as the primal creatrix of all life, the Great Mother who parthenogenetically pulled all life from your deep primordial womb.

Let’s face it. For many humans, you were just too incomprehensible, too wild, too vast. We couldn’t take it. Your kind of love was, well, kind of scary. We had shrink you down in order to feel more comfortable.

We didn’t shrink you down all at once; it happened gradually and in stages. Great goddess to divine wife to fertility fetish to cold marble statue…until finally, your caricature as movie star, big breasted, lusty, always-available-yet-untouchable-lovely-one became the standard form for basically all female divinity. Venus, Goddess of Beauty and Love – the beauty that’s only skin-deep and the love that eschews the gritty, messy, imperfect parts of relationship. Sorry about that, Venus.

But lo! And behold! Your current placement in the Full Moon chart of November 6, 2014, has you nestled there in between Saturn and the Sun in the depths of intensely intimate Scorpio. It is as though you are inviting us to remember you, and thus, who we really are! Let us peel away the veil and see you again! Some of your names have been Inanna, Astarte, Ishtar, Tiamat, Primal Ocean, Freya, Snake Goddess, Aphrodite, Mighty Dawn, Eos, Ushas, and Zorya.

Your domains are infinite and interrelated:

** Clearer of Paths  ** She Who Opens the Gates of Heaven  ** Genetrix of the Stars and Planets ** Giver of Culture  **  Queen of Heaven  ** Goddess of Sexual Desire  **   Mother of Empires  **  Protector of Lovers  **  Changer of Hearts  **  Patroness of Prostitutes  ** Healer of Impurities ** Guardian of the Crossroads ** Angelic Ward of the Universe  ** Reckoner of Time  ** Creatrix of All Life  ** Muse  ** Bestower of Fortune  ** Champion of Artists ** Mistress of the Companions  ** Purifier  ** Mother  ** Lady Luck  ** Liberator **

This Full Moon, may we humans find the courage to face our own stereotypes, limited vision, and habitual opinions about the complex, mysterious, powerful, perplexing, purposeful divine feminine. May we open to your teachings, Venus, about loyalty and discipline. Venus, remove the obstacles to our acceptance of your terrible, beautiful vastness. Please bestow us, Venus, with the capacity to open the gates of our own sight so that the world is holy again. Please protect us, Venus, from our own smallness – our fear of being too much, too big, too wild for the world. Please change our hearts, Venus, so that we remember that we are change. Please champion the rights of women, lovers, mothers, artists, sex workers, culture-makers, and liberators. Oh Venus, may all your names, faces, attitudes, and titles be restored to you!

As the Diné people have prayed for centuries upon centuries before us:

Restore all for me in beauty.
Make beautiful all that is before me.
Make beautiful all that is behind me.
It is done in beauty.
It is done in beauty.
It is done in beauty.
It is done in beauty.


Humanity on the Brink of Big Things