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Awakening to Our World


“More basic to the Great Turning than any ideas we hold is the act of courage and love we make together when we dare to see the world as it is.” -Joanna Macy

We are alive in interesting and dangerous times. Great changes are sweeping across our planet and it can feel difficult to understand our role in life. How do we deal with feelings of uncertainty or fear in face of such overwhelming circumstances? How do we find joy and inspiration in the midst of challenge? How can we take part in healing ourselves and our world?

We open this year’s Life.Art.Being festival with stories to strengthen our mythic imagination, and a discussion about the ways in which we can connect to the wisdom of the body by accessing a deeper relationship with time and the language of the heart. These resources will help us turn us toward a life-sustaining culture.

Join us as we lay the ground for the week’s practices, and find support and inspiration to keep hope alive as we journey in the Great Turning of life.

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