Educational Opportunities

If you are interested in furthering your study of astrology for personal or community use, I can help you rise to the next level of mastery. Often a student can clearly see the patterns in a natal chart, but has difficulty translating it to another person. In hour-long blocks of time, we will get together and speak astrology. As you progress in your studies, we can also explore more advanced techniques and theories of astrological inquiry. Contact me to find out more about these educational opportunities. Students of the Portland School of Astrology can hire me for extra tutoring for $40/hr. For all others, the rate is $75/hour. I take only a limited number of tutoring students.

Rhea Wolf: 503-234-8996


Portland School of Astrology

You can also find out more about classes and year-long programs by clicking the image below. I am on the current faculty at the Portland School of Astrology, along with Jaysen Paulson, Andrea Gehrz, Aubrie De Clerck and more! Public classes, online lectures, and resources.