Spiritual Coaching

Please note that I will be taking a sabbatical from one-on-one client work starting September 15, 2016 and lasting through June of 2017.  I will still be offering classes with the Portland School of Astrology and group work in Earth-based spirituality and The Work That Reconnects.


All of my coaching relationships begin with an astrology reading. If you decide that coaching sounds right for you, please make an appointment for a natal chart reading, and let me know that you would like to receive coaching with me. There is a discount for your first reading and coaching session!

What to expect: I offer a unique type of spiritual coaching developed from my years of training and experience as a graduate and priestess of the Blue Iris Mystery School, an astrologer and teacher, and writing coach. This support helps bridge the worlds within you and creates transformation through the medium of story, personal imagery, guided visualization and dialogue. It can take the form of one session or on-going work. Through our work together, we will discover the vital themes within your inner-landscapes of memory, fantasy, dreams and mythology. The healing happens as a collaboration.

This work is incredibly individualized. It is based on who you are, your inner-life, your hopes and fears. Previous clients have reported feeling more energy, gaining clarity about how to handle challenging relationships, healing from past trauma and suffering, and/or discovering the courage to live the life they've dreamed about.

This type of healing is great for working on one specific issue or area of your life that needs fresh eyes and deep healing. It supports you in removing emotional, psychological, physical or spiritual blocks that have held you back. It is also on-going support for your own spiritual practice and journey through life.

As we work together, we may develop a map or personal mythology for your own Soul -- discovering images, symbols and stories that are ready for healing. I guide you toward a discovery of your own power and creativity, so that you can let go of old wounds and see the gifts they have for you.

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Most coaching sessions are 60 minutes ($80) although some longer sessions are available for returning clients. Please note that I am committed to offering a sliding scale so that everyone has access to the healing they need. If you use the scale, it is not a discount but essentially a donation of my time to the community.