General Guidelines for Eclipse Season


General Reminders for the Eclipse Season

Eclipse cycles happen on the Full and New Moons approximately every six months and act as a kind of energetic bridge through time. We may find ourselves coming to terms with actions we took six months ago, and can even find resolution or illumination about events in our lives from 19 years ago – the last time these specific eclipses would have occurred.

Eclipses always heighten and intensify our world. They are like super-charged Full and New Moons. Check out which signs in which the current eclipses are occurring in order to see what specific themes are being illuminated.

Lunar Eclipses give us insight into the parts of our lives that are out of balance. Solar Eclipses have the potential to help us remember inner needs and take care of what’s truly necessary for one’s well-being.

All eclipses are "Course Correctors" which want to bring the energy of change to your life. With Lunar Eclipses, we are focusing specifically on how to bring masculine (Sun) and feminine (Moon) principles into awareness simultaneously. With Solar Eclipses, the Sun’s light is obscured, showing us forgotten or neglected needs that play second fiddle to the will or ego’s own desires.

Some general advice for the eclipse season is to leave some open space in your schedule. Eclipse periods are full of the unexpected – projects, people, opportunities and ideas show up suddenly. If you already have a packed calendar, you will definitely get exhausted by the extra attention these surprises require.

Eclipses through the Houses

In order to maximize the eclipse potential, it’s best to take a look at which houses in your Natal Chart will be hosting these eclipses. Houses are the areas of experience where we meet certain energy. Most likely you will have the eclipses occur in opposing houses, but this is not always the case (depending on which House System in used). Look at your Natal Chart to see where the current eclipses are occurring. Then read the descriptions below to find out which themes are accented. Any natal planets in close contact with the eclipses can indicate that big changes are afoot.

Eclipses in the 1-7 Axis: Personality and appearance; your identity and outlook on life; marriage and divorce; business partners; close friends and open enemies.

Eclipses in the 2-8 Axis: Material possessions and security; personal income and self-value; shared income and investments; sexuality and the physical body; death and inheritance; initiation and magic.

Eclipses in the 3-9 Axis: Your immediate surroundings; intellectual interests and higher education; communication, including publishing; siblings and neighbors; foreign travel; your philosophy, religion, or world view.

Eclipses in the 4-10 Axis: Home and family, including roots and ancestry; emotional core; your career and public face; long-range goals and ambitions; authority figures; achievement.

Eclipses in the 5-11 Axis: Self-expression and creativity; children; the beginning of love affairs and romance; your larger social circle, friends organizations and groups; humanitarian goals; ideals in action.

Eclipses in the 6-12 Axis: Daily work and service; health, nutrition and the body; pets and small animals; the collective unconscious, dreams, and mystical longing; karmic or past life events; solitude and spiritual service.