Imbolc: The Festival of Lights

February 2

In the wheel of the year, we are entering the holy time of Imbolc. It is the “quickening” time, when intention and devotion rise up within us to meet the year ahead. Today we know Imbolc as Groundhog's Day, when we wait to see if the Groundhog sees his shadow to let us know how long it will be until Spring appears.

And we may indeed feel the promise of Spring, as crocuses pop up here and there and the days seem visibly longer. This is traditionally a time to renew commitments and connect more deeply with your path – whether spiritual, philosophical or vocational. This is a good time to consider what you are here to serve.

Imbolc is an ancient festival of light, and it can also be a time of purification and cleansing in readiness to breathe life into actions and ideas with the coming of the spring. We have been dreaming up new visions, gathering our resources and strength through the winter, and now we begin to see the ways our dreams could take form in the coming year.

To align with the energy of Imbolc, take some time to connect with your personal mission statement for the year and see if it feels right to commit to that. Don't have a personal mission statement for the year? Well, go ahead and make one.

Sit down with a pen and paper and breathe deeply. You are going to move into a state where you can listen to your inner-voice. Ask yourself, your body, your heart: What do I need to cultivate this year? What wisdom is there for me to find in the year ahead? You may also ask yourself, What is sacred to me, at this time in my life? How can I serve that energy? What is my Deep Self/Higher Self calling for me to be?

Take some time to write about this, remembering to listen to your deep self and write whatever comes without censoring or judging the content. Use this writing to craft a short, simple personal mission statement for 2019. You can use this mission statement as a way to check in with yourself before making decisions. Does this action serve my mission for the year?