Wilderness or Oblivion?

Touch the Earth

Touch the Earth

At the top of the butte, I lean into the DragonTree. I am asking for a message about the upcoming movement of Uranus – the planet of disruption, breakthroughs, and cataclysmic changes – into the sign of Taurus, the Earth’s abundance, fertility, and beauty.

I’ll admit it: I’m scared of this transit. It is important to name the fear in order to begin to move past it. I want to know what is my fear and what is intuition, which is difficult to discern at times, especially given my history of what is called mental illness in this society.

I breathe deeply and ask, “What do the people of this land need to know about the transit of Uranus in Taurus?”

I sing a song, the Red Dragon Song:
Red Heart
Earth Heart
Down deep
Ancient Wisdom Flowing
Rise up
To the Beautiful, beautiful future.

Then I wait.

After a while I hear: Time will slow down.

I think, how is that possible? If anything, I would think the opposite is true. We are caught in a cyclone of time rapidly accelerating. How would the planet of suddenness promote a slowing down of time?

I wait some more, and then: Something important is being withheld.

Then: Chamber your energy, channel your energy. Chamber, channel, chamber, channel. I hear it like an inhale and exhale pattern.

Lastly, I hear: Spiritual warfare is already happening. What are you going to do about it?

I hate this message. I hate the term “spiritual warfare.” I see this term in a message on a fundamentalist church sign that I drive by frequently. Maybe the term is showing up because of my projected disgust about this sign. But I listen more.

What are the tools you can use to resist spiritual warfare?


The last time the planet Uranus entered a new sign – the sign of Aries on March 11, 2011 – the earthquake, tsunami and nuclear disaster at Fukushima occurred. THE EXACT DAY. The week before, I had been disassociating. I could not stay in the present or in my own body. I was splitting apart in mental agony. I thought, Oh here it comes. I’m finally going completely mad. And then the morning of the ingress and the earthquake, I woke up feeling completely calm, relieved of the tension. I felt okay. Until I turned on the news and heard what had happened.

I wondered about this for years, and now I’ve come to understand it astrologically. When a transpersonal planet moves into a new sign, people who have a lot of planets in that sign will feel the impact – even if the planets themselves are at late degrees. I have a lot of big planetary energy in my natal chart in the sign of Aries.

I also have a lot of big planetary energy in my natal chart in the sign of Taurus, which is where Uranus will enter on May 15. That means I am already feeling this one too. And it’s not pretty. If you have planets in Taurus in your chart, you may also be feeling more agitated, angry, irritated, or disrupted on your path. You may be feeling like you’re headed for a breakdown or a breakthrough. Take heed and let’s work together to make a plan. Here are some of my ideas.

First, my practical side takes over. I ordered emergency backpacks online. I bought extra food to store. I got more jugs of water. That way, I know I’m at least minimally prepared for any natural disaster. That out of the way, I can focus on the nonphysical survival kit I need for whatever is coming.

What is coming?

I don’t know. Let me just get that out of the way. I. DON'T. KNOW. And I hate it when people, especially astrologers like me, sound alarmist. The truth is, anything could happen. As Rilke reminds us, “Let everything come to you – beauty and terror…No feeling is final.”

But reading the signs, as astrologers are supposed to do, I wonder about what is headed for our planet in this dire time. Uranus will enter Taurus on May 15, 2018 and will mostly remain there until April 27, 2026. Already we know that Climate Change has gone past the point where we could have stopped it. We know that it is now a matter of learning to live with it. We know that the rights of the Earth and her people are threatened by the forces of greed and the lie of separation. So, wondering if major Earth changes are in store for us is not a matter of prognostication, just good observation.

In order to meet the energies swirling into power now, the ancestors have told me that we have a choice to make: Wilderness or Oblivion.

1. the state of being unaware or unconscious of what is happening
2. the fact or condition of not remembering: a state marked by lack of awareness or consciousness
3. the condition or state of being forgotten or unknown

1. an uncultivated, uninhabited, and inhospitable region
2. land inhabited only by wild animals
3. an area essentially undisturbed by human activity together with its naturally developed life community
4. wild or uncultivated state
5. a confusing multitude or mass: an indefinitely great number or quantity
6. an empty or pathless area or region
7. a bewildering situation

To choose oblivion is to choose to stay unaware of what is happening. Many will choose this path, and it is a well-worn path at that. The level of unconsciousness required to maintain the trajectory of capitalism, state borders, and supremacy ideologies is mind-blowing. Denial and ignorance of our inherent interconnectedness are certainly two reasons people participate in such a system. There is also lack of choice, inherited poverty, and the need to survive. Still, those in power are choosing oblivion and manipulating others into that unconscious state.

To choose wilderness is to choose to enter an area that does not have a path. We have to make the path. We are entering into a period of 2-3 years in which the old paths will disappear and we will have to make new ones. It will be a bewildering situation. It will be confusing. It will be a path inhabited by wild animals, many of them of the human variety. And to traverse it, we must develop an unadulterated, empty mind. A mind that is ready for anything that presents itself. A mind that is open to the vast array of possibilities that a wilderness offers.

Time, love & chaos

What part of you are you withholding, thinking it is too weird, too challenging, too overwhelming to be of use? Do you hide your passions, desires, or ideas out of fear? Do you ignore the call of something wild inside of you because you’re saving it for later? Are you withholding a part of yourself because you think that part of you will disrupt the rest of your life?

Most likely it will. But we need that part of you now. Look at where Taurus is in your natal chart for clues to what this new energy is, waiting to be unleashed, released, and illuminated.

In the old Greek myths, some say that Chaos was the first, what existed at the beginning of everything. And the first thing to emerge from Chaos? Eros. Love. The fundamental creative impulse born out of pleasure and desire. From this myth, chaos and love/eros are dancing partners, constantly swirling around one another, ebbing and flowing.

The chaos rising on the Earth plane right now has to be potent enough for Eros to emerge. Out of the Darkness, which binds us all, Love is born, which transfixes us with its beauty. The beauty of love is healing. The beauty of love inspires. The beauty of love is dangerous. The beauty of love destroys. All of it dances in an invisible tango of passion and aversion. We attract and allure the ones we seek. We flee from and turn away the ones we abhor. But all of them are in the chaoslovedance with us. There is no escape from this truth. Therefore, liberation is possible.

What are the spiritual tools you possess to resist domination by violent, hierarchical spiritual systems - let alone political ones? To take a nonviolent stance against those who are creating the conditions for warfare of any kind does not mean to be passive. It means to actively create what we long for. It also means to actively turn away from those who would destroy this precious planet in order to fulfill some sadomasochistic prophecy about second comings.

We who love the planet and take pleasure in the sensual beauty it invites us to commune with, must employ all our own spiritual tools to stay grounded, focused, and full of love.

We must not resist the danger either, but welcome the risk of loving this Earth and our own bodies more than we fear what will happen to us. Love is always a risk. But we are now standing at a crossroads: oblivion or wilderness? I am choosing the latter.

Tools to Allow Eros to Break Through the Chaos

To center yourself for this coming gateway, practice grounding tools as never before. Magicians, witches, priestesses, pagans, lovers of Gaia, we must connect deeply with our planet now. We need to do a daily deep dive into the underground systems of life, to restore ourselves and to prepare to listen to what the planet wants us to know. If you need help on grounding, click here. Or here.

To ready yourself to enter the wilderness, slow your own life down. This is totally easier said than done, but the changes coming are probably pretty wild, so having less on your schedule will help you make the most of the beautiful, harrowing opportunities on the way. To slow down, you will need to leave a lot of shit behind. Take only what you can carry with you. I’m speaking metaphorically, yes, but sometimes getting rid of physical stuff helps us let go of emotional, mental and spiritual attachments as well.

To enter the portal of change with joy in your heart, write down a list of things you are thankful for in your life today. What's one thing that happened today that filled you with gladness? Perhaps write down the values you will not compromise, because they are embedded within your bodymind. Journal about what you love and what you would be willing to do to protect it. Make an altar that incorporates these writings, beings, and ideas.

Lastly, acknowledge the fear you’ve been living with. What are you afraid of? What causes you anxiety as you are trying to get to sleep at night? Write about that as well. Then make an offering to the ancestors and connect to them through prayer or singing. They will remind you of how much they endured, how hard life seemed at every turn, how afraid they were of losing hope – and they will tell you that through it all, life and love and wonder surrounded them at the same time. They can teach us how to co-exist with the beauty and terror, the suffering and the pleasure, the wonder and the horror.

If you feel called to do so, burn your fears in a ritual. Let them go so that you can enter this radical shift of Gaia Consciousness with an open heart.

The gift of this time is that possibilities that we’ve never imagined are arriving in our awareness, helping us make a new path out of obliviousness and into creative, loving, dynamic wilderness. I’m so glad to be on this journey with you. Stay loving, stay vulnerable, stay connected.

Write to me about your dreams, visions, and questions. Leave a comment here so we can cultivate our connections or email rheawolfastrology@gmail.com.

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