Informed vs. Overwhelmed


Every Full Moon is an opportunity to consider paradox, because the Full Moon always happens in the sign opposite of the Sun. Currently the Sun is in the sign of Gemini, which means that the Full Moon on May 29 will be in Sagittarius.

This time reminds that even though we strive to be well-informed, the influx of constant stimuli and news may have the opposite effect. Too much information can lead to overwhelm and contribute to a feeling of powerlessness. Instead of shoveling in data, set boundaries around how you take in information, the news, and even how you exchange energy with other people. Setting time limits or focusing on one news source for your information might be one way to manage and still stay engaged. Letting go of FOMO and directing your energy of activities and friendships that truly nourish you. This is hard stuff for a tech culture like ours. You’ll have to use a little muscle on yourself to pry the device out of your hand, or to say no to the invitation, but your mental wellbeing will thank you.

This is also a time to examine your thinking and see if there are some changes you can make there. Prayer, affirmations, and love letters to yourself are good ways to shake up the old negative thinking. Time to drink deeply from the well of beauty and wisdom that is within you. Take back your life from your brain!

The recent transit of Uranus into Taurus has everyone a bit wound up. Finding ways to deepen your spiritual practice is essential to avoid an overload to your psychic and emotional circuits. As Saturn continues its journey through Capricorn, we need to utilize our resources more effectively. We can act with intention rather than react emotionally. Take some time this month to plan for the future you want, using the mutable energy to act “as if” that future was completely realistic, even if it feels far-fetched. Neptune is aiding our efforts during this month, so while we focus on practical, long-term strategies for change, we also do not have to be limited by what passes for reality these days.

As you seek depth rather than breadth, don’t be afraid of alone time. Steady yourself by remembering what it is you value and honor those values in your day to day life. One day at a time. Moment by moment. The energy coming this summer will offer another jolt of illumination, which might be a shock to the system. Putting things in place now to help sustain your focus will go a long way in helping you keep on track this summer.

A spell for being right here

The Full Moon in Sagittarius on May 29 invites us to consider the higher perspective. The sign of Gemini, where the Sun currently resides, takes in as much information as it can. It is interested in the breadth of knowledge – how w-i-d-e can we go in seeking new experiences, new friends, new ideas? The sign of Sagittarius, on the opposite end of the spectrum, wants depth. It sinks into experience in order to find a unifying truth, to create a system of understanding the world.

The Sabian Symbol for the Full Moon degree is “A Mother Leads Her Small Child Step By Step Up A Steep Stairway.” If we take great care in what we are doing, we can climb as high as we need to go. And although there is much to do in the immediate broader world in terms of slowing the incredible harm being created by the political and societal chaos, much of our work also needs to go on providing care and support to the small child of our dreams. That’s inner work, healing work, caring-for-the-self work.

At a talk given by Caroline W. Casey at an astrology conference this year, she encouraged the audience to abandon the places where we usually talk about “our trauma” and substitute “our beautiful, dangerous mission.” While trauma is something that has happened and is happening to too many people to count, re-naming it in this way can provide a way of looking at it through a Sagittarian lens. If we provide the space to make our experiences develop a meaning beyond the circumstances, then we have the opportunity to move beyond the victim-state and into co-creative space.

To move with this month’s full moon, try this:

Consider the experiences of your life that you have been unwilling to claim, or unable to let go of. Sometimes, we deny that an experience even affected us, leaving us chained to it by never mastering its lessons. These experiences can be both positive or negative, both beautiful and dangerous.

Take some time in the next week to journal about these experiences. Ask you self, “What about my past still haunts me?” or “What past accomplishments do I still need to celebrate?” Write for ten minutes.

Now ground, sending your roots down into the Earth and your branches up into the starry above. Wait until you feel centered, and then ask the divine, “What are the ways I can claim, integrate, and/or let go of these experiences from my past?” You may want to pull some tarot cards, do some more automatic writing, or simply listen and receive messages from the Mysterious Ones.

Once you have some information, make a plan. Can you accomplish this task through a ritual? Through making a change in healthcare or your work life? Building an altar? Writing a letter? Creating a vision board? Making a zine? Throwing yourself a party? Writing a poem? Getting therapy? Painting a picture? Get creative as you make a plan to shift the energy of your life.

Now that you’ve received more insight into the current state of your life, you are ready to pull your energy back to yourself, letting your roots and branches fold back into your physical body.

Rather than running full speed at the windmills, it’s time to take measured, calculated steps toward the future you are dreaming of. Begin to plant these seeds on the New Moon in Gemini on June 13th. The Sabian Symbol for this New Moon degree is “Three fledglings high in a nest in a tree.” Imagine your dreams are these fledglings, not quite ready to fly, needing nourishment and support in growing strong enough to leave the next and try out their wings.

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